Prolight Laser Harp Controller is essentially a MIDI controller box with a sensor unit that will turn your ILDA laser projector into a powerful frameless full color laser harp. NOTE: It DOES NOT come with a built-in laser projector.

Prolight Laser Harp Controller package contains: MIDI Controller unit, Sensor unit, Power Supply Adapter, Sensor cable 3m, User manual, CE Declaration of Conformity and Laser Harp Brochure.

There is a lengthy list of accessories that you can purchase from us, such as: Footswitches, White gloves, assorted cables, etc. For a complete list of available accessories please visit our web page: Accessories.

Prolight Laser Harp Controller is a powerful device in a small package. It’s high durability metal case and very small dimensions make for an almost imperceptible installation on any platform. Your laser harp controller box will be practically invisible on the stage! With many advanced functions such as interchangeable colors, number of beams, tone orientation and others you will have the performance of your dreams!

Prolight laser harp controller is a true “Plug & Play” device. Very simple to use and with no complicated adjustments or need for additional PC programmes.

Prolight Laser Harp Controller was created by Prolight, a company that has been working with professional laser systems for years which means that this Laser Harp was developed by laser professionals in cooperation with musicians. Most of other laser harps have been created by hobbyists. Prolight Laser Harp Controller has won an ILDA Fenning Award for Technical Achievement in 2011 which makes this Laser Harp the only one in the World to receive such recognition from the leading laser companies association – ILDA (International Laser Display Association). This is sufficient proof that Prolight Laser Harp Controller is a very reliable, high quality device.

In a complete laser harp, laser projector is already built-in and you are limited to only that laser that the manufacturer provided while with Prolight Laser Harp Controller you can use any ILDA-Compatible laser projectors in the market or that you already own and/or change laser projectors according to your performance style or venue.

The price of buying a complete Laser Harp (which includes a built-in laser projector) is the same as the price of buying a laser projector and a Harp Controller separately. The good thing of buying them separately is that you get two devices – a laser harp and a laser projector which you can use for logo projections and laser shows as well.

Prolight Laser Harp Controller connects to an ILDA-Compatible laser projector via ILDA cable. Controller sends a signal to the laser projector to draw an array of laser beams in a fan arrangement. When you block a beam the sensor registers and sends a signal to controller which in turn sends a MIDI signal which corresponds to a pressed key on a musical keyboard. Midi signal can be sent to any synthesizer, sampler or PC software.

A frameless laser harp means exactly that – the harp has no frames i.e. the beams can be spread and directed to go anywhere. They are not required to hit sensor units. With Prolight Laser Harp Controller there is only one sensor unit on the ground and it registers blocking of any and all beams.

ILDA (International Laser Display Association) protocol is a standard protocol used for laser operation. It is used by all laser manufacturers. Prolight Laser Harp Controller requires a laser projector with ILDA connectors. ILDA connector is a standard DB25 pin connector.

It can be any type of ILDA-Compatible laser projector from any manufacturer. It can be of any color and power.

We recommend buying professional Kvant laser display systems which can be found in our web shop.

If you are unsure what type or what power laser projector you should use we recommend that you buy the Laser Harp Controller and visit your local music shop or laser projector seller and test the Controller out on several laser projectors and pick the one that best suits your needs. This is what most of our customers did who didn’t already own a laser projector. We suggest that you buy a green laser because it is more cost-effective. For the same price of a lower-powered RGB laser you can get a higher-powered green laser which will have much better visibility because green color (520nm/532nm) is more easily perceived by the eyes. Therefore a green laser seems several times stronger than blue or red laser of the same power.

It very much depends on where you will use your laser harp. It is most cost-effective to buy a low power laser for practice and to rent a high powered laser from a rental firm for on-stage performances or open-air venues. The list of rental firms can be found on www.laserist.org.

You can control any device that operates on MIDI protocol. You can control DJ computer software such as Ableton Live or Traktor Pro. You can control laser and light effects in such computer software as Pangolin QuickShow, Pangolin Beyond or Phoenix. Phoenix v4 has a special user interface component within its software programmed particularly for Prolight Laser Harp Controller which allows you easy control over laser effects by blocking the laser beam, just like a real Laser Jockey!

Each beam that you block produces a sound. The user himself/herself chooses which sounds he/she wants the harp to play, depending on the device connected via MIDI cable to the Controller. If you block several beams at the same time you will hear the correct sounds playing all at the same time which means that you can play polyphonic music.

Prolight Laser Harp Controller plays sounds just like a classical harp would. When you block a beam the Controller sends a signal that plays a corresponding sound. Just like a classical harp, it does not modulate a sound according to the movements of your hands along the string i.e. blocked beam.

We suggest you use white gloves for better light reflection.
We recommend using double footswitch instead of a single footswitch because with double footswitch you can easily switch between MIDI banks as well as open and close your Harp.

If you want to connect your Laser Harp Controller to your PC (and you don’t own a sound card with MIDI input) we suggest you try the MIDI to USB converter cable.

Mirror is used so you don’t have to turn your laser projector upwards to get a vertical beam projection. Instead, you place the mirror in front of the projector’s opening at a 45 degrees angle. When laser projects horizontal beams, they will be reflected vertically by the mirror.

If you are using a green laser you can use a regular mirror, but if you are using an RGB laser projector then we suggest you order our professional front-coated Laser Mirror to avoid color diffraction.

Prolight offers a special mirror that is precisely made, with its dimensions, for laser harp usage. Apart from the fact that it has got different dimensions (25x7cm), this mirror also has a special stand that can adjust its height from 0 to 30cm. Laser power dictates the size of the device, so some lasers with greater power come in bigger dimensions which means that the mirror has to be placed on a greater height as well. (See more…)

Yes you can. Laser Harp’s sensor unit is programmed in such a way that it detects only the blocked light of the laser projector that the Controller is connected to.

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